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How do you know what I added on and which decks I want for my pledge?

At the end of the campaign we'll send you a visual survey that will allow you to confirm exactly every deck, add-on, color, and size of your entire pledge to ensure we ship your rewards to you correctly. Last updated: Sat, Nov 5 2016 2:25 pm EDT

Do the cards and box color change?

The white label boxes color change. The individual cards themselves do not since they are hand gilded at this point. If requested I may have these as a stretch goal or a new campaign in the future. Last updated: Tue, Nov 1 2016 7:56 pm EDT

Do the colors change back?

Yes, each deck is coupled with two colors that will show up if it is either hot or cold. The ink is set for room temperature so if you touch it with your hand and your hand is warmer than room temperature, it will go from the cold color to the warm color. If you are in a hot room though and the deck touches a cold item or cold fingers, it will go from the warm color to the cold color. These colors will always revert back to the state of the temperature of the room and will last a lifetime. Last updated: Tue, Nov 1 2016 7:52 pm EDT

How long do the color changes take to work?

The ink's sensitivity is primed by the temperature of the room. If the room is warmer, the ink will be primed to change to the warm ink and be as fluid as the video. When the room is colder it will take longer for the particles to activate against warmer hands. Last updated: Thu, Nov 3 2016 10:35 pm EDT

How do I add on extra decks or shirts?

You can see our Add On Chart near the bottom of our campaign. There you can see all the extra items you would like to add and their pricing. Once you have totaled any extras, you can click the blue "Manage Pledge" button on the very top right of the page and add this to your tier total. This will make sure you have the proper amount of at the end of the campaign. Last updated: Thu, Nov 3 2016 10:35 pm EDT

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BackerKit FAQ

What is BackerKit?

BackerKit is a service that crowdfunded project creators use to keep track of hundreds to tens of thousands of backers—from shipping details, pledge levels, preferences and quantities, whether they have paid or had their card declined, special notes, and everything in between!

The BackerKit software and support team is independent from the campaign’s project team—BackerKit does not handle the actual reward shipping. For more information about the preparation or delivery status of your rewards, please check the project's updates page.

How does BackerKit work?

After the campaign ends, the project creator will send you an email with a unique link to your survey. You can check out a walkthrough of the process here.

How do I update my shipping address?

BackerKit allows you to update your shipping address until the project is locked down for shipping. To update your address, go back to your BackerKit survey by inputting your email here.

I completed the survey, but haven't received my rewards yet. When will they arrive?

As BackerKit does not actually handle any rewards or shipping, the best way to stay updated on the shipping timeline would be to check out the project's updates page.

Why can’t I log into my account?

Request a login link to your survey by entering your email here:

BackerKit will send you an automated email with an invite link to whatever email you pledged with.

I never received my invitation. How do I complete the survey?

The most common reasons for not receiving a survey email is that you may be checking an email inbox different from the email address you used to sign up with Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Tilt Pro account, or it may be caught in your spam filter.

Confirm that the email address you are searching matches the email address tied to your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Tilt Pro account. If that doesn’t work, then try checking your spam, junk or promotions folders. You can also search for "backerkit” in your inbox.

To resend the survey to yourself, visit the project page and input the email address associated with your Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Tilt Pro account.

When will my pledge will be shipped, charged or locked down?

That is handled directly by the project creator. BackerKit functions independently of the project itself, so we do not have control of their physical shipping timeline. If you want to check on the project’s status, we recommend reading over the project's updates page.

Can I upgrade or get multiple copies of my pledge?

This depends on the project creator’s decision. If you are unable to see the ‘Want to switch your pledge level?’ after clicking on your pledge amount under “Pledge Level” in your survey, then the project creator would prefer people not to switch pledge levels.

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